Foam Pump Bottle Manufacturers


Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) usually manufacture a ra […]

Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) usually manufacture a range of differently sized foam pump bottles for easy use. However, if you require custom designing of foam pump bottles, that can also be done. foam pump bottles offer the clarity of glass, but without the added weight and can be labeled as desired. They are often made with stippled or shaped bases so that they don't tip over easily, as filled bottles weight much less than their glass counterparts.

Why use foam pump bottles

Most foam pump bottles come with screw-on closures because these are air-tight and also make the bottle easily resealable. The caps also add a color element to the otherwise clear bottle. Bottles that are larger than a liter also come with integrated handles that make them easier to hold and transport. The handles may be made of PET using the injection molding technique or made of PVC and attached to the bottle.

Foam pump bottles have many advantages. They are Low cost, Lightweight, Unbreakable, Clear so contents are visible, Manageable, Recyclable.

These bottles offer excellent barrier properties as well, so various kinds of liquids of different thicknesses can be put into them. The foam pump bottle manufacturer provides bottles for various industries including pharmaceutical, household, cleaning, foods, toiletries and beauty products and more. So you can get foam pump bottles that hold a few ml of liquid to a number of liters, depending on your products. Additionally, foam pump bottles can take different kinds of closures, ranging from the plain vanilla screw-on caps that may be made of plastic or metal to trigger sprays, dispensing pumps and others.