Fine Mist Sprayer - The Future in Packaging is Here


We are pleased to announce the addition of another inno […]

We are pleased to announce the addition of another innovative packaging solution to our KEXON product catalog. Introducing the Fine Mist Sprayer(KEXON): a 10 fl oz white bottle and white fine mist trigger sprayer. In this day and age, the need for a more environmentally friendly packaging option around the world has led to the need for and creation of this product. This fine mist sprayer reduces health and safety issues compared to its aerosol alternative. This sprayer bridges the gap between triggers and aerosols.

You may have encountered a reusable sprayer at your local salon or barbershop. It truly is one of those products you need to see in action to really get a sense of how amazing it really is. Along with being propellant-free, the sprayer is also able to be used at any angle; making it perfect for 360° applications. Without the use of pressurization, this sprayer produces 98% liquid evacuation which greatly reduces waste. The closure is easily removed for either refilling the bottle or recharging by attaching a new filled bottle to the sprayer component. It has a prolonged continuous fixed output of 1.2cc per second; the repeated actuation will produce an even fine mist that would be perfect for a variety of applications.

Plant Care:Compared to conventional aerosols, the sprayer reduces severe drops in product temperature making it perfect for sensitive plant-based use. The continuous spray action means fewer trigger pumps and a reduced risk of user fatigue. From plant feed to fertilizers the possibilities are endless.

Automotive Care:We all know how much that certain car aficionado treasures their vehicle. Pair your car care product with the even spray action of the sprayer. Old-school trigger sprayers just don’t deliver liquids evenly, which is extremely important to this type of consumer. Perfect for protectants and spray on waxes.

Personal Care:The continuous fine mist of makes it’s the perfect packaging option for self-tanning solutions, sunscreen, and hair care. Most current applicators require aerosol to achieve upside-down spraying capabilities. Consumers can feel confident they are attaining consistent and even applications of their favorite product.