Fine Mist Sprayer Is Necessary in Our Daily Life


The fine mist sprayer system consists of water purifica […]

The fine mist sprayer system consists of water purification filtration system, water temperature control, water level control, constant pressure water supply, multi-line water delivery, intelligent instrumentation and humidity control. The tap water passes through the filter to become demineralized water and is sent to the water tank. The water tank is provided with an upper and lower water level control system, and is provided with a water temperature heating and temperature control system.

The softened water enters the high pressure pump, the high pressure pipeline, and the nozzle to form a fine mist sprayer system. The high pressure water pump is driven by a motor, and the intelligent meter, the humidity sensor and the high pressure solenoid valve form a humidity control system. The pressure pump pressurizes the softened tap water to 5 MPa and delivers it to the back splash nozzle through the high pressure line. The reverse splash principle ensures that the nozzle does not drip.

The high-pressure water forms a vortex that rotates at a high speed in the nozzle, and sprays water mist particles having a diameter of 2 μm to 6 μm through the micropores. The water mist is in full contact with the flowing air for heat and moisture exchange, increasing the moisture content of the air and lowering the temperature. During this process, the total enthalpy of the air is constant and is equal to the humidification process. The high-pressure spray system has a small footprint and is easy to install, which does not affect the lighting of the workshop or the normal production.

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