Find A Custom Foam Pump Bottle Packaging


When you have a premium product or want to target a cer […]

When you have a premium product or want to target a certain segment of customers, you simply cannot opt for readymade bottles to contain your products – you need your Foam Pump bottles to be custom designed and shaped and Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) especially for your products. Custom bottle packaging can be done with both glass and plastic bottles that can be designed in fancy and unique shapes, lending them more easily to product differentiation. Glass bottles can be made in different glass thicknesses; plastic bottles can be made of different kinds of plastic through the blow-molding process. Both can be made opaque or transparent and in various colors and take numerous closures that add to the final appeal of the products.

Why use custom bottle packaging?

Product manufacturers make products to sell and anything that helps sales is a positive factor. Whether it a new product or an old product that is being launched again in new packaging or a new and improved version, custom bottle packaging goes a long way in enhancing brand image. Innovative and creative bottles offer an added advantage in the over-crowded marketplace where there are many similar products. Among the products that can benefit from custom, bottle packaging is Personal care, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Wines, liquors and other beverages, Drinking water, Pharmaceutical products, Food items, Household goods.

Closures, branding, the use of colors, the kind of materials used and other aspects that go into custom bottle packaging all have a role to play in increasing sales. All this is the work of professionals in the packaging field.

We can source the packaging containers that you need and work with you on product design, filling, labeling, branding and all that goes into making a successful packaged product. With competitive prices, you can increase your bottom-line and enhance brand appeal so that you can attract loyal customers.