Custom Foam Pump Bottle Manufacturer


Custom foam pump bottles are used by many Foam Pump Man […]

Custom foam pump bottles are used by many Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) as they lend a unique identity to a product. If you want bottles made of ceramic, plastic, glass, polycarbonate or even metal, depending on your product, we can help come with a design and source it for you. Each of these substances is best used for particular products and while some items do well in glass which is impervious and easy to sterilize, others are best packed in plastic or polycarbonate. For household and industrial use, plastic bottles are more in demand, medicines may be best packed in glass or plastic and perfumes always use glass. You may want see-through bottles or opaque ones, bottles with narrow openings or bottles with wider tops – with great attention to detail we can design the exact shape and size that you want.

As bottles come in innumerable shapes, sizes, and colors, you should get the right fit for your product. Often uniquely designed bottles have a great brand recall and a fancy bottle adds to the value of the product as well. Sometimes, packaging an old product in a new bottle increases sales immensely and improve brand value. Among the products that can be packed in custom bottles are: Fragrances, Cosmetic products, Toiletries, Liquors and wines, Liquid medicines and other drugs, Household cleaners, detergents and other myriad household use products, Sauces and pickles, Garden use products, Automotive use products, Baby bottles, Sprays for various uses, Oils, Water bottles.

Your custom bottles can be labeled or printed, colored or plain, with various different closures for ease of use and placement during transport and in shops or commercial settings.