Cream Jar is Most Suitable for Wide Mouth Form


At present, in terms of the cosmetics industry, the dev […]

At present, in terms of the cosmetics industry, the development momentum is very rapid. Due to the wide variety of cosmetics, there are lotions, essences, creams and so on. Due to the different products, the bottles presented are also very different. However, in the case of a Cream Jar(KEXON), the most common is the wide mouth cream bottle. The wide mouth Cream Jar continues the unique advantages of the jar: it can make full use of the product without causing waste.

Regardless of the type of Cream Jar we use, the jar is the best choice for the degree of use of the product. Vacuum extrusion, pump extrusion or hose when the cosmetics are about to be used up, its use becomes a little difficult, and there will be some waste on the inner wall of the package, and the wide-mouth Cream Jar does not have to worry about it. Because of its unique design, it ensures that our fingers can touch any corner of the Cream Jar, and the cosmetics adhered to the inner wall can be easily taken out.

The wide-mouth Cream Jar is generally used for packaging cream products. This product does not pour out like liquid, so the wide-mouth Cream Jar is the most ideal packaging form for face cream.

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