Cosmetic Pump Head Is An Essential Part Of The Whole Package


Cosmetic bottles are generally made of plastic and glas […]

Cosmetic bottles are generally made of plastic and glass. Plastic caps are generally equipped with internal gaskets, pull covers, internal plugs, and very few are equipped with small spoons or droppers. This is mainly due to their tightness and convenience of use.

Glass bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. Solid paste is generally made of wide-mouth bottles, which should be equipped with an anodized aluminum cap or plastic cap. The cap can be used for color oil injection and other effects. In packaging, cosmetic pump head plays a role of sealing and controlling usage. It is an essential part of the whole package.

Cosmetics often have a long service life. How to prevent the invasion of bacteria and protect the quality of cosmetics from being damaged is one of the important standards to measure the packaging quality of a cosmetic pump head. Therefore, enterprises need to start with the practicability of cosmetic packaging if they want to do a better job of cosmetic pump head packaging.

In addition, there are more and more pressure pump vacuum cosmetics on the market, which is equivalent to ordinary cosmetic bottles with screw caps open, and is more ideal in ensuring sealing and hygienic performance.

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