Cosmetic Cream Jar Packaging Sterilization Process


As a special consumer good, the safety of cosmetics Cre […]

As a special consumer good, the safety of cosmetics Cream Jar (KEXON) has gradually attracted people's attention and attention. The packaging, as a container for direct or indirect contact with cosmetics, has a significant impact on the safety of cosmetics. Do you know that harmful substances are not only derived from the formulation of cosmetics, but packaging containers can also cause unavoidable harm to the safety of cosmetics? It is stipulated in the cosmetic hygiene standards that cosmetic packaging materials must be non-toxic and clean. And based on how to implement the basic functions of packaging is also very worthy of discussion.

In view of the many years of sterilization and disinfection of cosmetic packaging bottles in the cosmetics industry in China, the use of old technology and defects, learning from the international advanced disinfection industry, following the requirements of the “GMP Validation Guide” and “Disinfection Technical Specifications” formulated by the Ministry of Health, design and manufacture "JZCF-B" series packaging container ozone disinfection system, the disinfection effect is obvious. Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers need advanced sterilization processes to analyze cosmetic packaging containers.

Ozone sterilization is a biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for oxidizing glucose in bacteria; it can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy its cell walls and ribonucleic acids, and decompose macromolecular polymers such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides to make bacteria The metabolic growth and reproduction process of the material is destroyed; it can also penetrate the membrane tissue, invade the cell membrane and act on the outer membrane lipoprotein and the internal lipopolysaccharide, causing the cell to undergo permeability distortion, causing the cell to dissolve and die, and will die.