• Sprayer operating principle

    Sprayer operating principle


    At present, there are four types according to the principle of sprayer spray. Bernoulli's principle The Bernoulli principle says that in the same fluid, the flow rate is large and the pressure is small; the flow rate is small and the pressure is strong. Fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trifurcated pipe, the low-speed flowing water flows to the high-speed flowing air. The water is torn into small droplets by high-speed air. (Imagine the water flowing from the faucet, which is just slow at the beginning, it is the water column; but then it gradually becomes larger and later becomes a drop.) When these tiny water droplets are sprayed out, they become a fog. The principle of high-speed water breaking into small droplets after hitting obstacles It uses the principle of pushing water into a thin tube to cause high-speed flow, and the high-speed flow of water hitting an obstacle and splitting into small droplets. The situation is like opening the tap and blocking it with your finger. Domestic sprayers use this structure more often and at lower cost. Centrifugal force throws liquid out of principle High-speed rotating atomizer disc uses centrifugal force to throw liquid out and tear into small droplets Similar to the situation when the umbrella rotates Ultrasonic atomization principle Vibration can cause “waves” on the surface of the water. The frequency of ultrasonic vibration is very high. Therefore, the wavelength of its “wave” is very small, so its “spray”—small water droplets are also small. These small water droplets become a fog.

  • Knapsack sprayer use

    Knapsack sprayer use


    1. Correctly install the sprayer parts. Check each connection for air leakage. When using, install clean water test spray first and then refill the medicine. 2. When used formally, add water after adding the drug. The liquid level of the drug should not exceed the safe water level. Before spraying, first move the rocker more than 10 times to increase the pressure in the barrel to the working pressure. Do not use excessive force when pulling the joystick to avoid explosion in the air chamber. 3. When the liquid is loaded for the first time, since the air chamber and the spray bar contain fresh water, the concentration of the liquid sprayed in the initial 2 to 3 minutes of the spray is relatively low. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid the control effect of pests and diseases. 4. After the work is completed, the remaining liquid in the barrel should be poured out in time and washed with clean water. At the same time, check for any stagnant water in the air chamber. If there is accumulated water, remove the water joint and release the accumulated water. 5. If the sprayer is not used in the short term, the main parts should be cleaned, wiped and stored in a cool dry place. If you do not use it for a long time, you must butter all metal parts to prevent rust. Frequently used failures and exclusions: Insufficient spray pressure, poor atomization: If the water inlet valve is put aside by dirt, the inlet valve can be removed and the dirt can be removed with a cloth. If the skin is damaged, the new skin can be replaced; if the connection site is not...