Classification of Foam Pumps and Their Uses


What is a foam pump? That is, the liquid forms a certai […]

What is a foam pump? That is, the liquid forms a certain negative pressure around the liquid column after being jetted out rapidly, and the suction gas generated by the negative pressure enters the mixing part, so that the air and the liquid are mixed again to form bubbles, which are jetted out of the foam pump product.

Foam pumps are classified according to one of his output. Generally speaking, there are three kinds.

1.The 0.4cc foam pump, which has a diameter of 30 teeth on the market. Mainly used for women's care liquid, hand sanitizer and facial cleaning Mu Si, etc.

2.The 0.8cc foam pump. There are usually 40 teeth and 43 teeth in the market. Mainly used for foam cleansing Mu Si, baby foam shampoo and body wash, foam hand sanitizer, etc.

3.The 3-gram foam pump introduced by KeXon Plastic, so the output is 3cc and 3.5cc, so the tooth diameter is 58 teeth. Mainly used for adult foam shower gel. Cleanser, facial cleanser Mu Si, shampoo and hand sanitizer, etc.

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