Choose the Right Plastic Pump


It is important to choose the right plastic pump. First […]

It is important to choose the right plastic pump. First, the use of plastic pump types affects the quality of the product. If the surface is not properly cleaned, the coating is easily corroded and causes defects. Second, the plastic pumps vary in water and chemical use. Choosing the right plastic pump will ensure that you don't overuse these expensive resources. Third, the choice of a suitable corrosion-resistant material and a suitable plastic pump can keep the plastic pump in optimum condition. Finally, some plastic pumps on the market today speed up the assembly and disassembly speed, which greatly reduces the downtime. In addition, depending on your application and the number of plastic pumps, you can specify a “quick-change”, auto-calibrated plastic pump and plastic pump, which is a real advantage of maintenance.

There are a number of plastic pumps available for selection that are detailed to extend service life and reduce downtime. The quick-connect clip-on plastic pump features a stainless steel clamp for quick gripping of existing spray heads on plastic sprinklers. The outer cap then provides a wider choice for quick plastic pump tip replacement.

The clip-on plastic pumps make quick disassembly easier and have no plastic pump assembly tools. In addition, the plastic pump direction and route can be adjusted directly by hand. In addition to being convenient, the characteristics of the pinch plastic pump are that the polypropylene structure can withstand high temperatures and high corrosion resistance. Many manufacturers use pinch plastic pumps for phosphating, heat sealing, and cleaning metal parts as they pass through the pretreatment tunnel.

Plastic quick-change plastic pumps are another option for spraying phosphates, acids, solvents, or caustic. The unique liquid design corrodes metal plastic pumps, and the quick-change plastic pumps are chemically coupled. The glass-reinforced polypropylene combines strength and durability with excellent chemical resistance. Compared with the traditional threaded plastic pump, it is more convenient to disassemble the toolless plastic pump and reduce the downtime.