China Foam Pump Are Designed to Satisfy People’s


Plastic china foam pump(KEXON) are one of the most comm […]

Plastic china foam pump(KEXON) are one of the most commonly used methods for dispensing viscous (thick liquid) products in the personal care and beauty industry, in a variety of shapes and sizes. When used as designed, the pump dispenses the right amount of product at once. But have you ever thought about what can make it work in the lotion pump? Although there are hundreds of different designs on the market today, the basic principles are the same. The Packaging Quick Course has opened one of the lotion pumps to give you an overview of these components and how they contribute to the overall function of the pumping. The product goes from the bottle to the hand.

In general, the lotion pump consists of the following components. The pump head, which is pressed by the people, pumps the product out of the container. Actuators are usually made of polypropylene plastic and can be designed in many different ways - and often have a lock or lock feature to prevent accidental output. This is a component design that separates one pump from another, and when it comes to design, it is also part of ergonomics that works for consumer satisfaction.

Closure : The component that screws the entire assembly onto the neck finish of the bottle. Outer Washer: The washer is usually a frictional force mounted on the inside of the bottle mouth. It acts as a gasket barrier on the floor area of the bottle to prevent product leakage. The lotion pump acts much like an air suction device that sucks the product from the bottle onto the consumer's hand, although the law of gravity tells us that it works in the opposite direction. When the user presses the actuator, the piston compresses the spring, and the upward air pressure pulls the ball and the product up into the dip tube and then into the combustion chamber.

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