Bifurcated Foam Pump Assembly Description


The invention herein resides in the art of liquid dispe […]

The invention herein resides in the art of liquid dispensing mechanisms and, more particularly, to those mechanisms that are particularly adapted for dispensing a liquid in the form of a foam. Specifically, the invention relates to the Foam Pump(KEXON)generator for such dispensers, and particularly one that is bifurcated or separated between the liquid pump portion and the air pump portion. Specifically the invention relates to a foam pump that allows the liquid pump portion to be fixed to and a part of the disposable refill cartridge containing the liquid, and in which the air pump or compressor is a non-disposable portion of the dispenser housing.

For many years, it has been known to dispense liquids, such as soaps, sanitizers, cleansers, disinfectants, and the like from a dispenser housing maintaining a removable and replaceable cartridge containing the liquid. The pump mechanism employed with such dispensers has typically been a liquid pump, simply emitting a predetermined quantity of the liquid upon movement of an actuator. Recently, for purposes of effectiveness and economy, it has become desirable to dispense the liquids in the form of foam, generated by the interjection of air into the liquid, generating the formation of bubbles thereby. Accordingly, the standard liquid pump has given way to a foam generating pump, which necessarily requires means for combining the air and liquid in such a manner as to generate the desired foam. However, foam generating pumps are more expensive than liquid dispensing pumps, necessarily increasing the cost of disposable cartridges that include the pump with each cartridge.

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