Background Technology of Foam Pump Soap Dispensing System


The invention herein resides in the art of soap dispens […]

The invention herein resides in the art of soap dispensers. In particular embodiments, the invention relates to a foam soap dispensing system mounted to a counter, wherein a Foam Pump(KEXON) soap is mounted under a counter and receives a liquid soap container. The use of soap dispensers continues to grow as the awareness for the need for good hand hygiene practices grows. Numerous types of dispensing systems are known, including portable, hand-held dispensers, wall mounted dispensers, and counter mounted dispensers. Typically, these soap dispensers dispense a predetermined amount of liquid soap upon actuation. Over the past decade or so, interest has grown in foam soap dispensers, wherein air and liquid soap are mixed to form and dispense substantially homogenous foam.

Inline actuated foam soap dispensers are of particular interest because they have a number of drawbacks that can be improved upon. These dispensers include an actuator that is pressed to compress air and soap chambers to force air and soap through a mixing chamber to create foam. The foam is then forced through a dispensing spout. The dispensing tube is coupled to the actuator that is reciprocated to dispense the foam, and thus the dispensing tube moves as the actuator is pressed to dispense product and as it returns to its rest position. These dispensers work satisfactorily in the hand-held dispenser embodiments because the dispensing tube and the spout through which the foam is dispensed are formed in the actuator, and the user can simply place a hand under the spout to catch the foam dispensed therethrough even though the dispensing tube and spout move during dispensing. However, these dispensers present problems in a counter mounted environment in which the dispensing tube and spout are decoupled from the actuator.