Are Lotion Pumps Hard to Find


Lotion Pump(KEXON) are extremely popular because of the […]

Lotion Pump(KEXON) are extremely popular because of the ease of dispensing that they offer. Lotion pumps are not hard to find, but when you are packaging a liquid product you do need the right size and design of lotion pump that will fit the neck size of the bottle, does not leak, and lasts for the life of the product. If the pump is not of a good quality, it may stop dispensing abruptly because of a defective mechanism, or it may not unlock.

Not all lotion pumps are the same and there is a wide variety of designs and colors available. You may want the dispensing pumps to match the color of your container, or you may want a contrasting color. You can get pumps that are:Smooth, Ribbe, Treatment, Foamers, Uplock, Downlock.

Pumps may be made of polypropylene or plastic and may be high, low, or regular output. They come in different shapes and sizes and their dip tubes may need to be cut to fit the bottles. Lotion pumps are used for a variety of applications and across all sectors including:

Health care and pharmaceutical (medicated creams and lotions or liquids for topical application)

Food products (sauces, creams, salad dressings)

Household use (cleaning products, liquid detergents)

Personal care (body washes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, cleansers and moisturizers)

Hair care (coloring, conditioning products, serums)

Beauty products (mousses, sunscreens, make-up products)

Another important point to keep in mind is that different kinds of viscosity of liquids work with different kinds of pumps, and if your dispensing pump does not work with the kind of product you are selling, it will have a negative impact on sales. While lotion pumps offer convenience to the user, their mechanism may get jammed or may not unlock and this can cause problems with product usage and repeat sales.

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