All for Customers, Do High-quality Pump Head


High-quality lotion pump head, shower gel pump head, co […]

High-quality lotion pump head, shower gel pump head, cosmetic plastic pump head, these daily chemical plastic pump heads adopt exquisite process to ensure no water leakage, no sliding teeth, no rusting of springs, smooth liquid discharge and stable liquid discharge.

Suitable for body wash, shampoo, body lotion, hair conditioner and other daily chemical products.

Kexon's product features:

The pump of the product starts smoothly and the liquid can be quickly discharged once.

Good sealing and no water leakage.

The color is selected according to the customer.

The spray quantity is uniform and the effect is good.

Kexon is a professional daily chemical pump head manufacturer, supporting OEM and supplying adjustable color pump heads. All for customers, do high-quality pump head.

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