Airless Cosmetic Bottles Are Very Popular


Environmental protection and green is the trend in cosm […]

Environmental protection and green is the trend in cosmetic packaging. A few days ago, reporters at major department stores saw that concepts such as green, low carbon and environmental protection have been blown into the cosmetics industry. The ingredients are more refined and pure, and no preservatives, spices and other additives have become the biggest selling points of brand cosmetics and other products. In addition, the small-volume packaging of brand makeup and the application of brand makeup's new aseptic chamber technology make it no longer a concern for consumers to choose and buy cosmetics that do not contain preservatives. Airless Bottle came into being.

It is understood that preservatives are common ingredients in many cosmetics, and their main purpose is to prevent the active ingredients of cosmetics from deteriorating during use. Although many cosmetics have gradually abandoned traditional preservatives, the main purpose of the introduction of ethanol, essential oil and other ingredients is still to prevent corrosion, and these ingredients, including essence, often become the enemy of sensitive skin.

A few days ago, French brand make-up launched the first series using aseptic chamber technology in China-brand make-up soothing special care series. It is reported that the application of aseptic chamber technology can enable consumers to use tube-mounted aseptic skin care products without adding any preservative, and keep skin care products sterile throughout the use period to avoid bacterial contamination. Brand cosmetics continue to introduce small-volume packaged cosmetics, enabling consumers to use them quickly in a short period of time, thus avoiding deterioration caused by the absence of preservatives.

In addition, many cosmetics are more concise in composition selection, so as to avoid causing troubles to sensitive skin to the greatest extent. For example, brand makeup soothing special care series does not contain any surfactant, and its composition is very simple. Its facial cleanser contains only 6 components, while cream contains only 9 components.

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